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A warm welcome for Continental Mobile Robots

CMR at the World FIRA 2024 in Toulouse

After our presence at the FIRA USA 2023 in September we are happy to announce that we made our debut at the 8th edition of the World FIRA in Toulouse, France. Our first appearance on this fair turned out to be a great success! The World FIRA is one of the world’s biggest fairs about agricultural robotics and smart farming. It took place from 6-8 February. Many experts and networking leaders gathered to discuss the latest innovations. FIRA also offers a wide range of things like greenhouse robots, in field robot demos and many more. In contrast to the FIRA USA, we had our own booth.

In the exhibition zone we presented our contribution to the agriculture of the future: the Continental Greenhouse Robot Platform (SOP 2024) and our Case Study “Contadino” for Open Field Agriculture. Our Greenhouse Platform also showcases the successful partnership with Octiva, a leading company for Greenhouse robot solutions.

Thiemo Buchner, Product Manager at CMR, explained during his presentation the unique Continental Collaboration Model, by demonstrating how small companies and Startups can benefit from partnering with CMR.


“With our participation at the World FIRA, we were once again able to draw attention to Continental as partner for successfully scaling existing MVPs. It seems as if we have hit a nerve with the Continental Collaboration Model, which strengthens us in our strategic direction and daily work.”

Thiemo Buchner, Product Manager AMR

As a partner we enable start-ups and small companies to overcome the hurdles between first Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and high-volume production, as shown in the image. The different phases can be tailored according to the maturity of the product and the partner’s needs.

The CMR team had a great time at the World FIRA 2024 by having a lot of good conversations with many visitors and potential customers. We are looking forward to successful collaborations with strong players in the agricultural robot market!